Arkane Studios Founder and President Leaving The Company

Raphaël Colantonio, the founder and president of Arkane Studios in Lyon, France and Austin, Texas, will be departing the company after 18 years.

In a statement on the Bethesda blog, he noted his exit.

“The last 18 years have been an amazing adventure – from starting Arkane in 1999, to making our first game, Arx Fatalis, to joining ZeniMax Media in 2010 and releasing the Dishonored series and Prey to critical acclaim – it is time for me to step out to spend some time with my son and reflect on what is important to me and my future.”

Colantonio helped create the Dishonored and Prey series, co-creating the former with Harvey Smith, whom Colantonio said will continue to head the Austin office. As for a successor, Colantonio says that he will stay on as long as the company needs to allow them to find new management for the Lyon team.

Arkane announced the first DLC first Dishonored 2 at E3 2017, called Death of the Outsider, which will star Billie Lurke on a quest to commit the crime of the title.