Ninja Theory Holds Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Fan Q&A

Today via Facebook Live, Ninja Theory did a Q&A with fans answering a few questions for Senua herself. In a first for a video game, Hellblade was able to have a live Q&A by using body, face and voice capture all at the same time for a live performance from Melina Juergens the actress and Ninja Theory video editor who plays Senua.

Questions ranged from, where Senua found her inspiration to what it was like working on a smaller budget but going for a AAA game. Senua took a lot of inspiration from actual sit downs with people who do suffer from voice hearing disorder’s (hearing voices). Senua herself is dealing with her own psychoses in the game, so portraying mental disorder needed to be respectfully executed — Melina stating that she learned a lot in the process. Senua also took inspiration from the movie The Woman (2014), a film about a woman who lives in the wild.

Senua went on to talk about the types of physical training she had to do as she went from stand-in actress to taking on the roll full time. Melina had to maintain a strict diet, lift weights constantly and began taking a number of martial arts courses — brazilian jiu jitsu being her favorite.

Melina stated she’s had a lot of fun with the character, especially being her first big acting roll and hopes she can continue taking on more roles. Possibly a Hellblade 2? Will have to see how well it does, but it looks to be shaping up nicely. Hellblade is out August 8 on PC and PS4.

See the latest trailer below and watch the full Q&A here.