Steep’s Final DLC Has Just Launched

See, that headline was actually really funny for people who appreciate dad jokes, because the last DLC pack for Ubisoft Annecy’s Steep is all about the aerial antics. Filled with items to break virtual bones, this is a great great way to close out the expansions for the games. Using Ubisoft’s own words, the pack includes:

Rocket Wings equip players with a powerful device, opening new ways to brave the snowy heights of the Alps and Alaska. Players will cruise through the air at breakneck speed enjoying total control.

Speed Riding allows players to combine the joys of a fast ski ride with the excitement of paragliding in endless and unpredictable playgrounds. Riders can create previously impossible lines as they speed down the mountain slopes, take off and find new creative ways to explore the mountains.

Base Jumping dares riders to jump off from the highest peaks into the air. Players will be able to feel the thrill of one of the riskiest sports in the world and go through one of the most extreme experiences of mountain sports, exploring never-before-seen places.

Considering that the base game offered up plenty to do, with numerous activities across skiing, snowboarding, and parachuting, one might feel inclined to say that they’ve had their fill. The counterpoint to that is freaking Rocket Wings. So, yeah. This pack is included with the Season Pass and Gold edition of the games. It’s also available a la carte for $9.99.