PlayStation Plus July 2017 Lineup Revealed, Features Until Dawn

Let’s face it: the games offered in PlayStation Plus for the last three years have been less than ideal. Sure, they come in a wide variety, but they lack the impact the service was known for when it initially launched. There have been a couple standout titles, but the vast majority of months have seen smaller indies as the highlights.

Well it looks like summer will be starting off strong. PlayStation has announced their lineup for July 2017 and it’s actually really good. The biggest game available on this list is¬†Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn, with Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series, That’s You, and Don’t Die Mr Robot rounding out the PlayStation 4 offerings.

PlayStation 3 is no joke, either, with the wild Tokyo Jungle and the under appreciated Darkstalkers Resurrection being handed out next week. Finally, The PlayStation Vita will also feature crossplay with Don’t Die Mr Robot, alongside Element4l.

This is an incredible strong month for PlayStation Plus, after a number of disappoints. Here’s hoping this level of quality continues moving forward.