The American Dream Celebrates the Fourth of July With a New Trailer

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any new footage from Samurai Punk’s upcoming satirical VR shooter, The American Dream. The Australian developers have spent time since then making general improvements to the game, but today we got a glimpse of a new in-game segment in a new trailer, and appropriately enough for the coming week, it has you celebrating the Fourth of July…entirely with guns, as any American would.

Taking place in a vision of America where all everyday tasks are carried out with firearms, the clip below sees the nation’s birthday celebrated by flipping burgers via shots, using bullets to ignite fireworks, and even opening a can of beer with a pistol, just like Homer Simpson. Indeed, for those of you want a whole game based around “The Cartridge Family” or are just looking for a promising VR game in general, keep an eye out for when The American Dream comes out later this year for various VR platforms.