Hey! PIKMIN Lift-Off Trailer with Amiibo Showcase

The 2D spin-off to the Pikmin series is a little under a month away from release, and Nintendo is sharing more information on what players can look forward to during their latest adventure with Olimar. In this journey Olimar is collecting Sparklium with the help of his familiar plant companions the Pikmin who all aid him in familiar ways by being fire resistant, water resistant and even immune to electricity.

Using any amiibo, players will be able to summon a character that is worth a good amount of Sparklium to help Olimar reach his 30,000 goal. Players who use the official Pikmin amiibo will be rewarded with a random character that rewards Sparklium, or when used in a level will give the player some emergency Pikmin to fight with.

Hey! PIKMIN will be out on July 28, you can check out the latest trailer with all the details below!