Last Day of June Launches on Last Day of August

As seen by the two nominations it garnered at our Best of E3 2017 awards and our own Chris Shive’s interview with the game’s producer, Italian developers Ovosonico left quite the impact on us with Last Day of June, the upcoming adventure game where you play as a bereaved husband, Carl, as he attempts to revisit the past and change the events that led to the tragic death of his wife, the titular June. And now it looks like we won’t have to wait long to experience this gripping tale, as a release date for the game was announced today: August 31. Yes, the final day in a different month of Summer.

With this release date comes a new trailer, seen below, which shows off a bit of body-hopping gameplay along with some cinematics showcasing the game’s unique art style, all set to “Pariah,” a new song by Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson with Ninet Tayeb on the vocals. Last Day of June is set to come out for PC and PS4 courtesy of 505 Games, so those of you who like titles with highly emotional narratives shouldn’t miss out on what may be a perfect way to close out your Summer.