More than Brawling, New Aztez Trailer Shows Off its Strategy

Aztez is a black and white and red brawler coming out on August 1, and while its main focus it hammering down all who dare to rise up against the empire’s mighty warriors there’s also a strategy element too.  The recent launch trailer focused on heavy action, but there’s more to know than how to beat up invaders.  You’ve got the whole Aztec Empire to run, after all, and the turn-based strategy aspect is just as important to success.  Agents have abilities like finding Resources (basically money) or quelling dissent in occupied cities, item cards can be played to generate Resources or find new events, and you’ll need to prevent the Spanish forces from taking the capital city of Tenochtitlan (pronounced ten-notch-teet-lan, which isn’t any harder to say than a more familiar name like Tchaikovsky but still takes some getting used to).  You can brawl and beat down the threats both internal and external with overwhelming might, but if your strategy is poor then your warrior’s most heroic efforts are just epic posturing against inevitable defeat.