NA LCS Summer Split Week 5 Day 1 Predictions

It’s the middle of the split and what an interesting one it’s been so far. It kind of feels like a few splits back when IMT dominated everyone and CLG won back to back. IMT isn’t dominating nearly like they were then, but oddly enough they’re a stronger team. Anyway, here are the standings going into day one:

1. Immortals

2. Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid

4, Team Dignitas, Cloud9

6. Team EnVy

7. Echo Fox

8. Team Liquid

9. FlyQuest, Phoenix1

After beating the only two teams challenging their number one spot IMT has taken sole possession of it. Unfortunately, for them, it isn’t over as they have to face TSM this week who are making a charge for the spot. Alongside TSM is C9 who’s been looking incredibly well against their opponents lately. Whether that can translate into a win today against TSM is another matter altogether as TSM is their kryptonite. They always do well, but not well enough to take them out. Here are the matchups for day one:

  • Cloud9 vs Team SoloMid (2-1)
  • Phoenix1 vs Team EnVy (1-2)

For as long as professional League of Legends is around this will always be a huge NA LCS fixture. Jensen is having an incredible year in the mid lane, and I know we say that often but he’s crushing his opponents CS-wise pre-10 minutes into the game. Why is that important? It shows his dominance in lane. He, along with Contractz, is able to pressure/kill his opponent enough to keep them at basically a one kill deficit throughout laning phase. For them to have any chance they have to be able to do that again against the NA Faker, Bjergsen. There’s a lot that C9 has to overcome to beat TSM and everyone knows this could go either way, but I’m putting my money with C9. My only concern is that we’re not getting “Top Die” like we used to and Hauntzer being able to make plays across the rift for his team would be a bad time for C9.

Last split’s fourth place team is sitting at the bottom of the standings with one win to their name. Rough is an understatement for how it’s going for P1. EnVy knows how that feels having been in that position before, but they’ve had a pretty decent split so far. They’re .500 and in the middle of the table, but making some roster moves to get in the right groove again. With Nisqy taking over for Pirean, for whatever reason, they managed to pick up another win last week. Albeit against P1’s ladder-mate in FlyQuest a win is a win. I’d imagine they’d be able to continue that form here and get another barring P1 having made up a lot of ground as a team.