Screenshot Saturday Featuring Russian Subway Dogs, Wrestle Wrun, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is like a cheat code for indies.  Each week sees plenty of new entries, a large number of returning ones, and even a handful of demos and other goodies to check out.  Nevrosa, for example, has a Prelude chapter available on Steam, while Dire’s demo is linked right in the tweet.  As for the rest of everything, there’s the anticipation and hope that it lives up to the promise of the images and animations that got them featured.  Except for the ones that got in due to highly entertaining bugs, of course.

Wrestle Wrun-  Endless runner meets wrestling.  Grab, throw, grapple, and powerslam as far as you can into a verrrrrrrrrrrrry long ring.

Nevrosa- Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.

Eternal Edge- Action RPG where a peaceful village sitting at the water’s edge probably need to be completely rebuilt after each spring’s flooding. The game is a 16-bit throwback with a modern cute and blocky style.

Nimbatus- Build and fly drones to explore space and mine its resources while fending off whatever hazards come your way. You could shoot through everything, of course, but all those lovely particles from your exhaust can come in handy too.

Russian Subway Dogs- It’s a hard life in Russia but a scrappy dog feeding off the subway riders can scare up a nice dinner with a little creative barking. If the occasional sky-rat grabs the food first there’s ways to deal with that too, but if another dog gets it, it’s gone.

Unnamed- When you go so fast the HUD doubles and then spirals off the screen, maybe that’s a little too fast.

My Friend Pedro- An acrobatic assassin gets his killing orders from a flying banana, because nothing knows the score better than talking fruit. Most killers would be more than happy to ride the barrel down the ramp, but why simply run backwards while maintaining a precarious balance when you can pirouette all the way?

Dire- Race for your life across the wasteland of a ruined future in a vr-recommended (but not required) racing/combat game. Speed is vital but the goal is survival, so if you need to go slow it’s not a problem except for the deadly sandstorm tearing along behind you without a second’s respite.

SuperFlight- Generate a world, grab a wingsuit, and find the highest-scoring path through it. Risk is reward so flying safe won’t do much beyond making sure your head doesn’t get embedded into the rocky walls.

Sky Rogue- Low-poly fly & shoot that generally features less iconic, copyrighted aircraft but when you’ve got an active fan community plus Steam Workshop support all kinds of interesting guest-stars turn up. Somehow this feels more StarFox-y than McCloud’s last several games.

Chango Mambo- Brawling monkeys! The arena is filled with excited piggies just waiting to see some hardcore monkey-fighting action but they didn’t count on simian tendencies towards homicidal jerkiness.

Aeterna-  Low-poly low-res cyberpunk something-or-other.  The cityscape looks fantastic even if the details on what it is you do in there are still vague.

Bonus Image

Exception- What’s the Fourth of July without fireworks? It would be nice if there was a real-world equivalent of shattering neon particle explosions, but when was the last time a video game put out the a deep bass THUMP you can feel as its shockwave travels through your chest?