Materia Collective Announce Piano Collections: Pokémon Red and Blue

The video game music label, Materia Collective, have been involved with many big names in the industry. Today, the team has announced plans for a piano album using songs from the original Pokémon Red and Blue versions.

The Kickstarter page lists Trevor Alan Gomes as the lead pianist, arranger and composer. He has had work featured in films such as Finding Dory, Skyfall and a live orchestra performance for Xenoblade Chronicles. Piano Collections: Pokémon Red and Blue is pretty self-explanatory as it will feature only one instrument showing off a range of sounds and melodies to wrap your ears and mind in nostalgia. You can relive your journey from the Viridian Forest all the way to the creepy Lavender Town before heading to the Pokémon League.

There are some samples available to listen to on the website along with various backer rewards to check out. The goal for this album is to pay tribute to an iconic series with wonderful musical scores. Materia Collective is seeking funds to rent out studio space and editing equipment in order to make this the very best Pokémon piano soundtrack like none ever was.