Shadow Bug Dash-Slicing to Steam

While one may think of ninjas as traditionally Japanese the organization is far more of an equal-opportunity employer than many realize.  Once you’ve put on the black outfit and hood and can wield a katana with the deadly power of an unstoppable assassin it doesn’t matter if you’re Asian, male, female, or even human.  Shadow Bug is an insect protector of his home forest and on a mission to drive out the factory destroying his home, dashing through all in his way with vicious sword-slash that leaves nothing standing in its wake, and that includes the barrier between mobile and PC.

Shadow Bug hit iOS last year as a stylish semi-platformer designed for touch-screen, with the controls being a simple left/right/slash setup.  While the bug can’t jump it gets huge air-time with a dash attack instigated by simply touching any enemy with a targeting reticle around it.  The PC version replaces touch controls with mouse, which isn’t quite so responsive as actually poking the screen but still more than good enough to hit the time goals.  Each level has the three main objectives of speed, score, and completion to clear in a single run in order to get a full star ranking, plus a fourth bonus objective of a hidden collectible.  It makes for good replayability as the bug tears through the foereground silhouetted against vibrant backdrop paintings.  Check out the trailer below to see it in action and get ready for Shadow Bug’s July 21 release.