Fire Pro Wrestling World Early Access Online Features Detailed

Fire Pro Wrestling World launches in early access in a mere five days, and the development blog has a new entry running down what players can expect from its online play. At launch, you will only be able to do one on one matches with live foes – although simmed matches can support up to four players and they are planning to expand the amount of online players throughout the game’s early access phase. When final version of the game comes out, you can name your room, put in how many participants will be in it, limit it to a connection speed, and alternate between all in-game modes.

This means that you can have pro wresting, MMA, deathmatches, and multi-man battle royals online. Within this, you can then have giant survival matches where the last person standing wins, and even choose the desired skill level of opponents. If you can’t fill a room up, AI opponents can be used as well. Private matches can be set up with passwords. Fire Pro Wrestling World hits SteamĀ  on July 10 for $19.99 and we will be checking it out on launch day with a variety of coverage hopeful. If all goes well, then expect character creation guides alongside strategy guides for newcomers.