Shovel Knight and Shantae Coming to Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master Zero is one of the Switch’s best values – and a recent 3DS release means that even more people can have a chance to play it. With Gunvolt and Ekoro from Azure Striker Gunvolt and GalGun/Mighty Gunvolt already in the game as free DLC, many wondered who would be next. Today, Inti Creates revealed that two new characters will join the fray as DLC – Shovel Knight and everyone’s favorite hair-whipping genie, Shantae.

With her hair-whipping and transformations, Shantae is a natural fit for the game – and with her short range, she will be great as an expert mode of sorts for the side-scrolling areas. She gains a blaster for overhead sections, and can even bulldoze enemies with an elephant transformation. Those looking to unleash a lot of damage during the overworld portions can do so with a giant sword attack that surrounds her with a shield of blades. Shantae will be available on July 6, and will cost $1.99 regularly. However, as with both Ekoro and Gunvolt, she will be free for the first two weeks – with the free period ending on July 19.

Shovel Knight joins the fray with his signature spade intact and retains his pogo stick-like attacks. His many suits of armor also return while large anchors act as his long-range attack now. He can even become invincible for a short period of time, and fish! Shovel Knight will be available on August 3, and free until August 16 across both consoles. This cross-promotion with Blaster Master Zero has been an outstanding way to extend the replay value of the game, and with major indie darlings like Shovel Knight and Shantae in the mix, maybe it will lead to an increase in sales for this gem of a game.