Sudden Strike 4 Short Trailer Totes Release Date

The return of the Sudden Strike strategy series is here in the form of Sudden Strike 4. A real-time strategy game, Sudden Strike 4 takes players to a historically true World War II. That means what it sounds like; the game will take player through the storming of Normandy, the tanks into Ardennes, and even a Russian campaign in its single player experience. The three different campaigns – Allies, German, Soviet – allow players to take control collectively of a hundred different units and pushes them through over twenty missions. For those looking for a personal challenge outside of the eight-player multiplayer, there’s a skirmish challenge mode for the additional difficulty.

See a short trailer for Sudden Strike 4 below. Sudden Strike 4 is out August 15 for PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and SteamOS.