2K Outlines Features for WWE 2K18

With the recent reveal of Seth Rollins as the cover star for WWE 2K18 on Sportscenter, and the announcement that Kurt Angle will be the pre-order bonus character, news is starting to trickle out regularly for the next WWE game from 2K. Today, the company announced a slew of new features and upgrades to the game compared to last year’s entry. The creation suite is set to be overhauled with new enhancements to create-a-superstar, create-an-arena, and create-a-video modes to make the experience more realistic. You can also now save game replays for future videos and use a free-roaming camera to find just the right angle for your shots. The all-new create-a-match mode makes its debut here.

Create a match will allow you to make a custom set of rules for a match and then use them either exhibition or Universe modes. Hopefully, this allows for the return of the War Games-style team based Elimination Chamber once again, or the return of tag team ladder matches. The MyPlayer system is back and will feature a free-roaming backstage mode. The new Road to Glory mode allows you to play against others with their own characters with the goal being to make it to WWE PPVs. The graphics are set to get an overhaul, especially when it comes to skin tones and lighting.

For the first time in many years, eight characters will be on-screen at once. It could be that with them nixing last-gen versions, they were finally able to add this in and avoid making last-gen owners feel like they were buying an inferior game. Ladder matches, battle royals, Royal Rumbles, and eight-man tag matches will now be possible.The Rumble will have new elimination mechanics, including a quick elimination and match-specific finishers as well. The all-new carry system will be outlined later – but in theory, it sounds like the analog stick-triggered movement system from a decade ago that led to some crazy highlights. Online is set to be revamped with improvements to the search system and ensuring that high-quality creations are easy to find. WWE 2K18 is set for release on October 17, while owners of the deluxe edition can play it four days early.