Bard’s Gold and Rive This Friday From Limited Run Games

It’s looking like a relatively peaceful summer for Limited Run Games but there’s still a nice pile of things to look forward to.  Lawbreakers is available for pre-order on PC (for two more days at the time of this writing) with the PS4 version going on sale August 4, Wonder Boy and maybe even Night Trap shouldn’t be too far off, and Friday sees the utterly fantastic Rive joined by Bard’s Gold in a nice two-title release week.  Bard’s Gold is a 2D platformer inspired by the older platformers, where you need to figure things out as you go and take it slowly, because death is mean and instant if you’re not careful.  It’s available on both PS4 and Vita, 2,800 copies apiece.  Rive is PS4-only, 3,800 copies total, and is a fantastic side-scrolling action game about a little tank in a big spaceship blasting everything in its path while keeping the combo meter alive.  Both games go on sale on the standard schedule, 10AM and 6PM EST on July 7, and seeing as at this point it’s impossible to tell which games will sell out in minutes and which have a longer availability it’s probably best to be on time, just in case.