Still Playing For Honor? Now’s the Chance to Win Some Cash

For Honor is one of those games that started strong but found its audience dwindle down to the true sword and shield fanatics. Those that remain are a truly dedicated lot that won’t hesitate to destroy all comers in a flurry of blades and blunt strikes. Now these people will have a chance to test their mettle against one another in a true digital bloodsport. Starting on July 8, across all platforms, registered players will be able to participate in weekly 1 vs 1 tournaments, winning points based on rankings. The top 16 players will earn a chance to face off in Burbank with a Twitch and Youtube broadcast battle to determine the winner of the first For Honor Hero Series. Considering that there are $10,000 in prizes to fight over, courtesy of Ubisoft and the ESL, this should be a fierce battle indeed. Anyone wanting in on this should head over to the registration page right away.