Rift Rivals Group Stage Results

Well, the first official Rift Rivals tournament is about to come to a close with a TSM and UOL Final, and no matter who wins I think we all can agree group stage was incredibly one sided.

In the end, NA won group stage with a 12-6 record and EU with 6-12. For NA, TSM was our leaders having a 5-1 record. P1 finished 4-2 and C9 was 3-3 rounding out a great performance for NA. On the EU side of things UOL took home the first spot with a 3-3 record and was followed up by Fnatic at 2-4 and G2 at 1-5.

Overall, the first Rift Rivals tournament was alright. It’s a nice break from the usual schedule of things, but Bo1s culminating in a final feels kind of lacking. It’ll be interesting to see what they do next split after taking in some of what made this good and bad. At the bottom are the standing re-written just in case it was a bit difficult to follow:

NA LCS – 12-6

  • TSM 5-1
  • P1 4-2
  • C9 3-3

EU LCS – 6-12

  • UOL 3-3
  • Fnatic 2-4
  • G2 1-5