Rift Rivals TSM vs UOL Final

The first Rift Rivals tournament is coming to a close and in the finals, we have Team SoloMid taking on the Unicorns of Love.

TSM flew through the group stage only recording one loss against last split’s top three EU teams. With a 5-1 record, the only team they lost to was UOL on the second day of the Group Stage. Let’s talk about that game for a second too.

UOL brought out two picks that we aren’t all that used to seeing in the current meta. In mid, Exileh played Vladamir and Xerxe pulled out the Ivern jungle. Last split we saw Ivern a lot causing trouble for teams with his ability to share buffs and the sustain he provided teams. Between his shield, stun, and ability to bushes in lane he’s a pain to deal with when played properly. That coupled with his build path and having a redemption as his first item allows him to heal his team up during and right after engages.

The Vladamir didn’t really work out too well for them early as Bjergsen just had his way with Exileh solo killing him a few times. Regardless it was able to have a big impact because of all the other members. Rakan ult into Vlad ult on the backline is already a problem. Then you have Ivern’s Daisy building stacks and knocking up players and Gnar bashing everyone into a wall. It’s a crazy team fight wombo and that’s how the won the match.

Up until the 26 minute, TSM had a gold lead and overall map advantage but lost the game at Baron. While they were trying to take, UOL came in and Vlad along with Gnar just demolished their team. UOL won the game four minutes later off of another team fight where TSM tried to catch out the Vlad, but he got his ult down and the rest of the wombo came back to help.

Overall, that was a great game for TSM and they lost if off of one call, which is a pretty common occurrence in the game. That won’t happen three times in this series, however. Today, it’s a best of 5 to see who is the best between NA and EU and TSM should be able to get them in this series. They’re incredibly experienced and ready for the pocket picks. I think TSM takes this 3-1.