Mafia III Sign of the Times DLC Gets an Inside Look Before Release

Mafia III will be releasing its final DLC ‘Sign of the Times’ on July 25 and to accompany the release, is a trailer breaking down just what Lincoln can expect. This might be the darkest DLC yet with Lincoln going toe-to-toe with a Manson-esque cult, the Ensanglante.

Sticking to the criminally deranged world of New Bourdeaux, The Ensanglante fit right in, bringing with them even more drugs and violence to an already restless city. Lincoln will travel to the swamps of New Bourdeaux having to face off with human sacrifice and blood-fueld rituals. These “Places of Darkness” are areas of great tragedy within New Bourdeaux.

The story opens with the interruption of one of the Ensanglante’s twisted rituals going south, when a young woman named Anna escapes ending up in Lincolns care. Lincoln will have to use his new spec-ops camera and black light to help him uncover the Ensanglante’s sinister plot.

Lincoln will have to use everything in his arsenal as he gears up to take this sadistic cult down. Just how far down the rabbit-hole will Lincoln have to go, will he push himself to the brink?

See for yourself in the video below and expect another video soon going into the gameplay of Sign of the Times: