Total War: Warhammer II High Elves Get Shown Off

During E3, I was able to decimate a gaggle of High Elves while commanding devastating army of Lizardmen. It was a bad day for the elves and fans of well executed strategy alike, as my successful run had more to do with the difficulty setting being low as opposed to any skill on my part. It was fun, though, with tons of options to utilize. While the Lizardmen dominated the day, what is it like to command the High Elves in this sequel to the popular PC RTS? The answer to that question has been given, as Creative Assembly has just released a twelve minute video showing off the race. Shown below, expect to see some Phoenixes, Dragon Princes, and hulking Phoenix Guard troops giving the Lizardmen what for. (I like the phrase “giving them what for” and it needs to make a come back.)