Video Game Art Gallery Launches Kickstarter, Getting Ready to Open its Doors

The Video Game Art Gallery (VGA) might be only limited to Chicago, but they are seeking to open their doors to all who enjoy the medium of video games. Getting it’s start three years ago the VGA has established a presence in Chicago hosting pop-up exhibitions and events hosting a number of people. Allowing artist in the industry of games and new mediums a place to grow and promote their work.

Now the VGA has found a permanent place to call home and needs those who loves games to participate in this wonderful space. The VGA is strictly non-profit so establishing a permanent space is a big step and the best reason to help out. It already has made a name now it wants to create a presence.

Founded in 2013, we founded Video Game Art (VGA) Gallery in response to a need for a public forum for the visibility, understanding and critique of an emerging and exciting new medium: video games.

VGA Gallery also supports game studies scholarship and the documentation of significant work in the discipline of games.

The opening exhibit while feature the first ever independent game out of Cuba, from creators Josuhe Pagliery and Johann Armenteros, presenting, Savior. Savior follows a metaphysical character that witnesses the deconstruction of the world around them. This will be the debut of the game in the North America. The exhibition running from August eleventh (opening) – November nineteenth.

Find out more about helping out the VGA on their Kickstarter page and check out their website.