Warriors All Stars Trailer Showcases Laegrinna

In less than two months Koei Tecmo will release Warriors All-Stars, Omega Force’s latest game where a single hero gets to slaughter thousands upon thousands of opponents without breaking a sweat. Similar in concept to Warriors Orochi, this game will involve some sort of magical tomfoolery where heroes from a multitude of different games end up in the same world and join forces to go on a rampage. My prediction is like Warriors Orochi the story of events that bring these characters together will not be the highlight but the game itself will be countless hours of fun, at least for fans of Warriors games. ¬†Playable characters will be from a variety of franchises including but not limited to Atelier, Dead or Alive, Deception, Nights of Azure, Dynasty Warriors, and Samurai Warriors. This newly released trailer showcases Laegrinna, the protagonist of Deception IV: Blood Ties who also happens to be the devil’s daughter. Warriors All Stars is scheduled for an August 29 release for PlayStation 4 and Steam.