NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Day 2 Predictions

Yesterday may not have gone as predicted, but it went as expected. The top teams took care of business as they should. Here are the standings going into day two.

1. Counter Logic Gaming

2. Immortals

3. Team SoloMid

4. Cloud9

5. Team Dignitas, Team EnVy

7. Echo Fox

8. FlyQuest, Phoenix1

10. Team Liquid

The only change is that with their win IMT moves into sole possession of second. In order to remain tied, they’ll need to win out or hope that TSM drops a match too, but that’s unlikely with their schedule. The docket of games for today look like some good ones, here’s what’s going on.

  • Team SoloMid vs Phoenix1 (2-1)
  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Dignitas (2-0)
  • Cloud9 vs Team EnVy (2-0)
  • Team Liquid vs FlyQuest (1-2)

P1 and who? MikeYeung! Who? MikeYeung–don’t worry I’ll chop my hands off after writing this, reference–Hopefully Rush 2.0 doesn’t fizzle out like his predecessor. Today, the rising household name and his team take on arguably the best team in the LCS, TSM. Both had great showings at Rift Rivals with TSM winning it all and finishing the group stage at 5-1. P1 finished 4-2 and showed that despite their rough start to the split they can compete internationally. Hopefully whatever they’ve put together translates into wins back home, but they drew TSM first so they may have to wait a match to gauge it. TSM is feeling good and came home champions, I think they win this match, but they’ll have to work for it.

CLG only needs one more win to remain in sole possession of first and they’ve drawn the now struggling DIG. Earlier in the split Ssumday¬†was unstoppable going on rampages every match. Now teams have isolated him and he’s finishing with dismal stat lines. Whatever it is everyone has figured it out and DIG don’t seem to be able to stop it. With that in mind, I’m giving CLG the clean sweep as they try to capture their third split title. With a lot of time to practice hopefully DIG have done something to get back on track.

C9 had an alright showing at Rift Rivals but everyone on the team got sick at different times making playing a little more difficult. They still finished 3-3 and now they have EnVy to worry about. EnVy have had some ups and downs this split, but are still sitting at .500. They could win this match and nobody would necessarily be surprised. We all know how C9 can and should play, however, so I’m giving them the nod as I expect to see them in the NA LCS finals losing to TSM again.

Last but not least are the two team bringing up the rear of the standings. FlyQuest and TL are both trying to get something out of this split. For FlyQuest, it’s to win and get back into the playoffs for a shot at Worlds. For TL, it’s to find something that works and maybe some player will see worth in you and join. With FlyQuest’s finish last split, 4th, they have a real shot at getting into Worlds if they get their act together. With that as motivation I’m hoping they take of business today as if they can’t they have no hope.