Screenshot Saturday Featuring Fictorum, Desolus, Many More

Another week’s Screenshot Saturday has ended with a torrent of images and animations, packed full of new discoveries and returning favorites.  Strange new ideas and different takes on familiar genres scroll by one after the other in a near-endless parade of work, effort, and art completed in the preceding week.  This feature grabs a dozen images plus a bonus one as highlights from the hundreds that are posted, but it’s always worth making a visit to browse the full thing even if, for some reason, it’s got maybe a few too many DC Injustice shots cluttering up the feed due to the Injustice 2 account encouraging people for retweets.  Even without the odd misuse of the tag there’s tons to see, so check out the images below and don’t forget to give them a chance to move.

The Enchanted World- A wizard sets out to save a damsel in distress by journeying through a world of magic. Painfully trite and overworked cliché aside, it’s got awesomely wrong architecture to contend with.

Unnamed- No information as what this goes to, but wherever it may be will have the happiest little deathbot around.

Roah- Action-platformer where a scorpion-woman makes her way across an Egypt-like planet taking on all sorts of alien creatures that, despite all odds, seem to be based on cute and busty women. It’s a big universe and the evolution of alien physiology is a mystery.

Pantropy- Co-op multiplayer FPS where players work together to fight a world that would cheerfully devour anyone foolish enough to attack it alone. Harvest resources, build bases, craft, farm, and raid those who are getting ahead to put them in their place. Or just race drones if you’re feeling less confrontational.

Empires of the Undergrowth- RTS with ants presented as a documentary on the colony’s journey as it spreads out into the world. The ants are semi-sci-fi insects, harvesting the DNA of the other bugs they meet and conquer on their journey to adapt and gain new abilities, boosting the odds of survival.  Demo from April over here.

Venineth- Roll and hop through alien landscapes as large, persistent pinball. Explore, solve puzzles, and get in a little platforming while soaking in the view of strange new planets.

Fictorum- One of the fun side effects of wielding mighty arcane forces is breaking All The Things. There’s a story of revenge against the Grand Inquisitor who slaughtered the order of the Fictorum, but really it’s all about tweaking magical properties to get the largest amount of shrapnel and flying bodies per spell.

Unnamed- Just a bunch of aircraft flying around while trying to blast each other with green zappy lasers, in VR. Maybe there will be a game behind it eventually, but right now it’s just nicely chaotic.

Pixwing- Contort your body to fly through the skies of what looks suspiciously like Sonic’s Green Hill Zone, grabbing the gems hanging in the air while clearing the gates and, just maybe, not smacking into a tree branch. The steering is done by using the motion of your phone to navigate, twisting and turning every which way while hopefully not taking out too many people standing nearby.

Desolus- Wander through purple and orange dimensions that are mirror images of each other while wiring up flows of energy to activate doors and pathways. Apparently it somehow wasn’t pretty enough already and needed intricate fractals growing in the air. Non-compressed HD images over here.

Unnamed- First person fantasty-action VR game of some sort, a little light on details at the moment. One of the fun things in VR is that, when picking something up, it’ s almost impossible not to twist it around and look at all the details built in. You know the item is no more real than anything you’d look at on a regular screen, but the ability to examine it any which way to check out the modeling and texture detail makes it hard to take things for granted.

Unnamed- Top-down action game that bears a striking resemblance to the arcade game Assault, which is never a bad thing. Give the guy a jump-pad or two to rain down explosive death and it would complete the comparison.

Bonus Image

Unnamed- Hands are overrated; controlling games with your butt is the wave of the future. Groin-centric control methods will leave us all wondering how we ever got by in the dark early decades of gaming, once it’s gone mainstream