Kick Back With a Chilled Musical Toy in Raybeem Demo

All action, all the time seems like a nice idea but sometimes you need a few moments to breathe.  A little music, some lights to bring it to life, plus a hint of interaction to keep your hands busy is a great way to wind down, and Raybeem is just about ready to let you do this in either regular view or VR.  The demo was released the other day on, and while it’s limited to a single environment and a handful of tracks it’s a nice way to play with some tunes.  In VR the motion controllers let you draw lines in the air, thin or fat depending on whether you’re holding down an upper trigger, while the lower one draws in the floating spheres to let you fling them into the background with a flick of the wrist.  There are multiple color palettes to choose from, selected by going left or right with a thumbstick, and once you’ve found a color combination you like the only thing to do is hang out with your tunes while the world pulses to the beat.  The music visualizer will have three environments to play with when it’s released later this summer, with different interactivity for each.  Check out the demo to get a sense of what the first one can do, or see the video below to watch it in action.