Staxel Coming Along Nicely in New Summer Trailer

It’s a story as old as time.  The farm is run down and just shy of dead, but it’s got a young and energetic new owner who just took over the property and has great plans to renovate it by a combination of willpower, determination, and an unstoppable work ethic.  It’s not unfair to look at Staxel and instantly think someone fused Harvest Moon and Minecraft but that doesn’t make it any less cute or engaging.  The big, friendly, voxel-y world is just waiting for someone to shape it to their liking, growing crops, running errands, and whiling away the days in whatever manner suits the player best.  There’s no reason to shoulder the burden alone, though, so grab an rustically-minded friend or two to create your own little bucolic paradise.  While you can jump the gun and pick up the Sprout edition on Staxel’s web site it’s still very early, but the new trailer shows off a rich world with a nice variety of diversions.  Check it out below to see the peaceful, creative farmlands of Staxel in motion.