Telltale Unveils Multiple Titles in Summer 2017 Update Video

It’s a great time to be a Telltale fan because they just dropped some knowledge. Announcing; Batman: The Enemy Within, The Walking Dead Season 4 and the long-awaited Wolf Among Us Season 2. Two birds one stone? More like, three. To make things easier, the appropriate time stamps have been placed for personal taste.

Jumping right in, Batman The Enemy Within is up first (28 second mark), and Telltale seems to be sticking to their guns. They are telling their own Batman story with the focus being on Bruce Wayne as much as the cowl itself. While other games have chosen to focus specifically on Batman having Telltale give their own fresh take was welcome, setting the seeds for things to come.  A monster in repose being thrown around to describe the villains’ players could encounter in this new season. The first episode of five, releasing August 8, better get those bat reflexes ready.

Next up is everyone’s foray into the story telling of a Telltale game, The Walking Dead (at 4:35). Anyone who has played a Telltale game knows it all started with Clementine, though the first season was about Lee’s redemption. Clementine has had quite the journey since then, with love, lose and all the zombies in between. Season 4 might be the most player catered to yet, with the focus being on who the player want’s Clementine to be. Clementine is of course her own person, but when the audience has been shaping every decision along the way, she is also a part of that audience. It looks to be a proper close to a memorable series.

Of course, some might argue this is the best for last, and why not — fans have been asking for The Wolf Among Us Season 2 for three years (at 9:50). Now, those wishes have been answered, Bigby Wolf is back, but that’s all there is to know, silence being the final answer on The Wolf Among Us Season 2 and just what the story holds. Don’t get those hopes up yet though, this won’t be coming out until 2018.

Stay tuned as more information is always on the way, with these are three big titles from a studio who has set a bar for narrative story telling in games. All three games can be seen in the video below: