Dare You Climb Stormy Ascent, N. Sane Trilogy’s Newest Addition?

While the N. Sane Trilogy is, overall, a highly-enjoyable remake of the original trilogy of PlayStation Crash Bandicoot games, one of the more common criticisms — from fans and critics alike — was the way developer Vicarious Visions maintained (and deliberately so based on recent comments) the first game’s difficulty to the point of keeping the debut game’s more restrictive controls and less-refined gameplay mechanics. That…and some of the more notably harder levels are present in the first game. And now, it has one more.

Stormy Ascent, a previously cut level that [un]fortunately didn’t make its way into the final build of the original’s release, has now been made available to download. Stormy Ascent is a more challenging variant on Slippery Climb (a similarly-themed level), which was/is renowned for its even more restricted platforming sections and absolute requirement for players to time one’s jumps and movement perfectly. You can read on what we thought of the game pre-Stormy Ascent in our review of the game here and before you take the challenge, catch a glimpse of the possible nightmare fuel that is the level itself below.