Nidhogg 2 Gets a New Trailer, Now Available For Pre-Order

So Nidhogg 2’s release date was announced recently, with the sequel to the indie hit coming out soon, but we know what a lot of you are thinking: You still won’t be satisfied until you see some gameplay where both opponents kill each other simultaneously with bows and arrows. Well, Messhof has you covered, delivering another trailer filled with gleeful, cartoonish carnage befitting the game’s new art style, which you can check out below.

The new clip should do a fine job of enticing you to check out this frsh edition of the sport of kings where the winner gets devoured by a giant worm, but if truly can’t wait any longer to pick it up, then you should be happy to learn that Nidhogg 2 is available for pre-order right now on PS4 and Steam, with a fifteen percent discount. Nidhogg 2 will then come out on August 15, so that should hopefully give you plenty of time to practice you best victory pose for the titular beast’s maw.