Trailer Teases Warframe’s Chains of Harrow on Consoles

An even darker tone than the usual Warframe fare, the teaser for Warframe’s Chains of Harrow quest update indicates that fans of Warframe on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be getting their updates to match the PC version of the game. Chains of Harrow brings in the Harrow Warframe upon completion. Judging by the teaser’s tone and overall color palette, this quest-line might be on the creepier side. A free-to-play game many fans like to compare to Destiny, Warframe has maintained a healthy following since its inception. One thing is for sure, the updates aren’t stopping yet.

See the teaser for the Chains of Harrow update below. Chains of Harrow will be headed to Warframe soon on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.