Viz Media Announced Two New Seek and Find Pokémon Books at SDCC

Seek and Find books are always fun to play around with. Kids and adults enjoy the simple task of just searching for a specific image, it’s easy and entertaining. At San Diego Comic Con, Viz Media announced two new Pokémon versions of the genre will be coming out.

First up is Seek and Find Pikachu which stars the beloved Pokémon character. Viewers will have to find the image Pikachu on different pages. Backgrounds will be filled with Pokémon from Generation I through Generation VI, as evident by the cover art. Plus it will come with sticker sheets for more fun.

Then there is Seek and Find: Kanto. This is pretty self-explanatory as well as it will feature only Pokémon from the original Red, Blue and Green video games. The book will surely have interesting background images to look at.

Fans can look forward to the new books in the not so distant future. Check out the cover images below for a sneak peek!