NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Day 2 Predictions

On his first day of eligibility, in the NA LCS, Kayn gets picked by C9. Truth be told, I didn’t even realize that they were going to be playing on 7.14 with all of its Lethality changes and the champion release. It’s going to be a good week for NA LCS. Here are the standings going into day two.

1. Counter Logic Gaming, Immortals, Team SoloMid

4. Team Dignitas, Team EnVy, Cloud9

7. Echo Fox FlyQuest

9. Team Liquid, Phoenix1

No huge changes from yesterday with there only being two matches, but TL and their win moves them up to tied for last with P1. This is a big week for the top three teams in the league. IMT has the opportunity to knock CLG out of the top spot, CLG can take sole possession of the top spot and on the off-chance that both screw up, TSM can claim it. Here are the matches happening today,

  • Team SoloMid vs Team Dignitas (2-1)
  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Echo Fox (2-0)
  • FlyQuest vs Immortals (0-2)
  • Phoenix1 vs Team Liquid (2-1)

Last week Team DIG officially ditch Chaser and are going full-time Shrimp. With that change, they won both games last week and this will be a great one to test themselves. In last week’s matches, they received major production from their bot lane with Altec having big games on Kalista and Tristana. Not only did they get production from them they also got a good amount from their mid-laner┬áKeane and that’s going to be tough this week. Today, they have Bjerg and the rest of the TSM all-stars. Getting a lead in bot and mid will be incredibly tough, but if they’ve gotten better like we’ve seen we’ll see it here. We know Sven is going to be very active in trying to get his lane’s ahead so it’ll be interesting to see the jungle/lane clashes and who comes out on top. I’m going with the more obvious choice in TSM because doubting them just doesn’t seem wise after their recent play.

This is a big week for CLG. If CLG can manage to win both matches and TSM drop one they take sole possession of first place again. At the very least they can knock IMT out of it and the worst possible scenario is they get knocked out. That shouldn’t happen though with today’s match being against EF. EF is trying to find any combination of their team to work and have been subbing everyone in. From Lolesports it looks like Damonte and Grig are getting the nod this week at least in game one. That obviously could change, but that’s who they have listed. With Franchising coming into play it’ll be interesting to see what happens to EF and who they want to bring back when contracts expire but for now, they’re trying all the pieces. With them presumably being in flux CLG should profit from that.

In their last match against a top team, Fly was swept 2-0. Not surprising given their record and likely to continue today. IMT and CLG have been the two teams to beat all split and have been incredibly consistent. It’s going to take a lot of Fly to find a win today. I think I picked them for an upset last week after having a good week, but I can’t do that today. I think this one will be quick.

TL found another win yesterday. I was actually incredibly surprised, but a lot of it had to do with what I said before and that’s that Goldenglue has become so much better. He’s not hard carrying or anything, but TL is getting him safe picks and he’s doing his part. He had a big game on the Taliyah to close out yesterday and that’s great. I would give them the upset here, but P1 played well into C9 so I’m torn. I definitely think they’re showing improvement and that they can win this one, but I don’t want to hard commit just yet. We’ll see what P1 does to keep TL from having their first two win week in a while.