PlayStation Shows Off New Pyre Multiplayer Gameplay

​Supergiant’s next game, Pyre, releases on Tuesday, and in preparation, Sony went down to the Supergiant studios to get a closer look at the multiplayer aspect of Pyre.

Pyre is the first of Supergiant’s games to include a multiplayer mode, and it seems like their take on competitive multiplayer is very different from anything we’ve really seen before. While the concept is like any other sport — there’s a goal, a ball, and two sides — the way the characters are controlled and the abilities they have make for an interesting take on the concept. Check out PlayStation’s Justin Massongill as he takes on Supergiant’s very own Greg Kasavin in a multiplayer hands on look:

Pyre will release on PlayStation 4 on July 25. It’s on sale right now as a part of the Totally Digital sale. You can pick up a pre-order for $17.99 (rather than $19.99).