Screenshot Saturday Featuring Jets & Guns 2, Tex Murphy, Many More

It’s Screenshot Saturday.  Everybody loves Screenshot Saturday, when developers toss up pictures, video, and other bits and pieces of the week’s progress on Twitter to show off what they’ve accomplished.  Most people throw up .gifs or video snippets, because if a picture is worth a thousand words then one moving at 20-ish fps (estimated) over five seconds is 100,000 words, which is roughly a 400 page novel.  Of course, at roughly three kilobytes per page that means the 400-page book clocks in at 1.2 megabytes, which is far more efficient in data storage than the video, even if it takes longer to read the info.  Life is full of difficult trade-offs, such as paring a list of hundreds of pictures down a dozen-ish.  Check them out below for a tiny cross-section of the week.

Pressure Overdrive- Combat racer that’s equal parts steampunk and Wacky Racers. It’s also a rebuild of Pressure, which is a game I have to admit I’d never heard of but came out on PC back in 2013. The old version is long gone but the new one looks pretty sharp.

Late for Work- VR party game where the person in the headset is a giant gorilla and everyone else is trying to take it down or escape its simian wrath. You can tell the gorilla has serious issues it needs to work out due to it wearing a bow tie. You can’t trust anything wearing one of those.

De Pictura- Use paintings of a drab, near-montone world to restore its features as you puzzle your way through the world. Capture objects or reverse them, place doors and passages, and figure out how all these images can be used to get through the levels that are getting just a bit more colorful as you go.

Hellscreen- Alien-esque FPS that’s also got more than a little Doom kicking around its DNA. There’s not much on this yet beyond a few other short clips but it’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

Immortal Planet- Action RPG that is completely up front about its Dark Souls influence. Jump in and start swinging and you die, take the time to plan your actions, manage stamina, and think before striking to earn a chance at survival.

Remnants of Naezith- Grapple, swing, and double-jump through spikes, lasers, and saw blades in a precision platformer. Nobody is going to swing that gracefully through tight areas lined with spikes without a whole lot of practice, but it always feels great when you can finally nail it.

Rifter- More grappling-hook action. If this game shows up here on a regular basis it’s because anything that looks like and moves like that gets on the list through sheer hyperspeed neon muscle.

Tex Murphy: The Poisoned Pawn- Tex Murphy has been plying his post-apocalyptic gumshoe trade for, literally, decades, but nothing lasts forever. The Poisoned Pawn is a visit to the past to get ready for the future, which is also the conclusion of Tex’s story. Whatever may happen it’s not going to go down quiet.

The Forest Quartet- Put together a jazz band in a very strange forest. And that’s all the information that’s available, other than this and a handful of other pleasingly odd scenes.

Jets & Guns 2- It’s only thirteen years since the first one was originally released but apparently the developer felt the need to just pump out a sequel like it’s Madden or something.

Piawk- A little bird walks out into the big world to do whatever it is cute little birds do when they can’t yet fly very well. It’s a short storybook of a game, but with multiple endings to give you a reason to take up the adventure again.

Jetpack Squad- Horizontal shooter with big guns, big explosions, and plenty of personality in the animations to bring the action to life. You can steal weapons off the enemies to use against them, or even grab and throw the less spiky critters.

Unnamed- No idea due to no information whatsoever, but whatever it may be comes with a captivating art style.

Bonus Image

Dune- It may be possible to someday grow tired of the 1970s paperback sci-fi look, but at that point one might as well admit to being tired of life and all its joys and wonders.