Toys R Us Shows Off Hot Wheels A.I. Mario Kart Special Edition at SDCC

Combining two classic franchises into one should make for a great time. Hot Wheels has been a major toy manufacturer for years and Nintendo is on top of the gaming world which means it’s perfect for them to keep working together. At San Diego Comic Con, Toys R Us was there to show off a number of new products coming soon, one of which being the Hot Wheels A.I. Mario Kart Special Edition.

The set comes with a number of smart track panels to create your own layouts. Racers such as Mario, Yoshi and Luigi will be controlled by you and steer around the course. There are three different modes to try: RC Mode which is difficult, Practice that helps automatically keep you on the track and Championship where all competitors go against each other. It has authentic sounds from the Mario Kart video games as well as hazards like shells and banana peels. Build your own Grand Prix with over 20 different ways to race!

Hot Wheels A.I. Mario Kart Special Edition will be made available in October only at Toys R Us. Take a look at the footage below for more details and a closer look at the product.