Nintendo Reveals Impressive Switch, Software Sales

Nintendo has updated their financial data to reveal some impressive sales data for the Switch and key titles.

The Nintendo Switch launched March 3, 2017 and ran into immediate success. The Switch was the best selling piece of hardware in the US for March and April. While the PS4 came back to beat it in May and June, Nintendo’s latest console/handheld still posted strong sales. Today, we now know how many units Switch has sold since launch.

Four months into it’s lifecycle, the Nintendo Switch has sold an impressive 4.7 million units worldwide, and 13.6 million pieces of software. Currently, the Switch is outpacing the sales of Xbox One during it’s first four months, which was around 3.5 million units. However, Switch is still behind PS4, which was at about 5.3 million units four months in. Still, this is a fantastic turnaround from the Wii U.

Nintendo also posted some truly amazing software sales. Nintendo developed games have always been the bread and butter of Nintendo consoles, and that remains true for the Switch. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold 3.92 million copies since launch, making the the best-selling Switch game yet. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, however, isn’t that far behind with 3.54 million units. 1-2-Switch, which was a launch title, has sold 1.22 million units so far. Finally, ARMS, a new IP that has only been out for a few weeks, has already sold 1.18 million units.

Nintendo Switch appears to have a bright future ahead of it. Stores are still having trouble keeping the system in stock, and Nintendo has a strong slate of titles for the holiday season.