Rezli Looks to Provide Growth for Gaming Industry

There has never been a better time than now to put yourself out there for growth and direction, especially in the technology field. With websites like LinkedIn and N4G, there are other means to expand your network outside of the generic social media websites. A new company has arose with a vision. Rezli is the social media platform for gamers and technologists that are looking to share their work and grow in their careers. Rezli looks to help people figure out how to achieve their dream job. When visiting Rezli, users can customize their profile by creating a video introduction, listing their top games played, and building a portfolio of their work.

Other elements of Rezli look to derive a lot from LinkedIn. Users can look for jobs, message other users and search organizations (plus people). Events are listed, as well, and tend to include gaming tournaments. Groups also exist as they feature game designers and game developers. This is where the true networking magic can happen thanks to how organized and populated these groups really are. This goes a bit beyond customizing a feed. For instance, the QA Tester group has over 10,000 people.

We reached out to Team Rezli to answer a few questions about this well-oiled machine. What the direction is for the site, the goals of the creators and what they offer the user base is what we focused on. Is this just another social media platform or is there enough here to stick? On paper, the website does look like a golden opportunity for gamers and technologists to come together and expand their empires.

[Hardcore Gamer] What are the core elements that make up Rezli?

[Team Rezli] First and foremost, the core element is the user’s profile. It is full of features and it is customizable. The intent for the profile is to serve as a digital resume, allowing users to quickly and easily share their capabilities with the world. Next, we have the social networking features that help users connect with others. Whether it’s through the Feed, Groups, Events, or direct messaging, members can find one another and engage in a meaningful context around shared experiences. Rezli’s goal is to help users connect with employers/organizations as well as other users to facilitate valuable exchange of information. For users, connecting may come in the form of employment opportunities, shared knowledge through education or networking, or making a new gaming partner that will help with their next machinima!

What are your goals for this platform?

Rezli is a social networking and career-building platform that empowers creative technologists to build their resume/portfolio, connect with others with similar interests, and explore educational and career opportunities in the industries they love. Our first mission is to connect the entire gaming industry: gamers, developers, organizations, and educational institutions aiming to fuel the growing world of gaming and esports. Rezli will guide gamers of all ages to connect with people and opportunities in the gaming industry and turn their passion for games into a career.

One of the big ideas behind Rezli is to help people figure out how to achieve their dream job. Our lead developer, Joe, claims that he lucked out getting into the games industry field the way he did. He recounts countless surprised reactions he has received over the years when he’s told someone he makes games for a living. He speaks with kids of all ages about what it takes to learn the skills necessary to land games industry jobs. Rezli is that missing resource: a site that helps people find out more about what kinds of careers are available and how to connect with hiring companies in those fields. We want to provide the tools necessary for gamers and technologists to share their story and show off their talents. Rezli is a constant learning environment where they can explore and create endless opportunities for themselves to turn their favorite play into a successful career.

What are the influences behind the design of Rezli?

There are a couple of things that we try to keep in mind as the design of Rezli continues to evolve. As cliche as it may sound, the idea of developing designs that are “clean” is something that’s really important to us. Living up to the mantra of clean design is definitely a challenge on a social media style site that has so much information that needs to be communicated at once. We also take some pages out of Google’s ‘Material Design’ book, with the implementation of cards throughout the site. They’re a great way to keep information in smaller, digestible chunks that are clearly defined.

Designing a site that has the ability to work well on mobile (not necessarily a mobile app, though we’re beta testing those, as well, right now) is incredibly important for us. It’s a fact that people live on their phones these days, so it’s important to us that we make the mobile experience just as pleasing to use as the desktop experience.

Is Rezli more social media-based or more of a newsfeed?

Rezli is, first and foremost, a social networking and career-building site where everyone can share tech and gaming news articles or find the latest video by the best upcoming streamer, while networking with developers and others in the gaming industry. However, a big part of our mission is to help mentor people, as well. Ideally, we want professionals already working in the industry to be the ones teaching and sharing, but we have a set of skills and experiences internally with the people who work at Rezli, as well, and we’re happy to share our stories. Some of the Rezli employees come from a games-industry background and others from the wider software development world. Either way, we all have something to teach and learn from each other. Beyond that, there are plenty of interesting articles and links that we come across, and we think those are good to share. Honestly, we are using the site the way we would like others to use the site. Lead by example, right? That’s our goal.

Authors share their content for hits to N4G, arguably the number one aggregate for gaming news outside reddit. Is this the direction you are aiming for?

We are not particularly aiming to be a gaming news site, per se. We want to give people interested in games and the games industry somewhere to interact and share information, so we are naturally going to get some cross-site sharing of information. However, what we would ultimately like to see is people generating original content on Rezli with the goal of helping others or furthering their own career. We want users to be able to show off their skills for others to see, as well as glean inspiration from other users’ contributions.

N4G also is heavily moderated and unpredictable as to what goes to the top for views. Will the newsfeed on Rezli relate to a model like that?

While we will be moderating Rezli to keep a professional yet casual environment, with regards to the tone of comments and topics of relevant information, what goes to the top of the Feed is not currently driven by views or likes. While nothing is set in stone, the feed is organized, right now, purely by time — the more recently something was posted, the higher it will be on the feed. You can scroll all the way back to the very beginning of the feed, and you’ll see a couple of posts Joe made when the Feed first went live about Unity and Unreal, among other things. In the future, we may look at boosting “popular” items, but if we do go down that road, we are aware that we must also keep the Feed fresh, and not hide the work of our members. We want everyone to have a voice here, not just “the cool kids.” After all, even those cool kids were once unknowns.

What does Rezli offer that say Linkedin doesn’t? What makes it stand out?

A big part of our focus on user profiles is the portfolio. A lot of people have an online portfolio that they link from their resume, but not everyone has the expertise or extra funds to put together an online portfolio. We’re trying to make that a simple process for all of our users. We also like to give people the opportunity to really customize the look of their profile. Sections can be rearranged to change emphasis. Fresh out of school? Move your portfolio and education to the top of your profile to showcase those items. Industry veteran? Go ahead and put work experience at the top. Avid gamer eager to show off your achievements? Put games played at the top. It’s all up to the user’s preferences, what to display for others to see. A user can give anyone a link to his online profile to show it off or simply use our downloadable resume option to send a pdf file when applying for a job.

Rezli is for more than just gamers. What kind of user base are you looking to generate?

While Rezli’s vision is to provide a social networking and career building platform for all creative technologists, our initial focus is on gamers and the games industry. We want to show gamers that they are developing useful, marketable skills that can transition into successful careers, both inside and outside of the games industry. Of course, we’re looking beyond the “traditional” roles in the games industry that most game career sites focus on (programmers, designers, artists, and the like). We have a pretty strong history with esports, having previously run some esports tournaments, so there is definitely a lot of love there. We are also a valuable place for YouTubers and Twitch streamers to share their videos with our community, providing them another platform to share their voice and gain an audience. Long term, though, we will definitely be branching out. We’ve already started seeing people from other entertainment industry fields — film, audio, etc. joining our platform without us reaching out to them. Basically, if it involves games and technology, we’re all about it.

Is there an app available for this?

We are in the last development/testing phases for the app in iOS and Android. We’ve been working diligently to ensure that the mobile version of the website looks good and functions well, but there’s nothing quite so nice as a native app on a mobile device, so we’ll be launching that pretty soon. It’s pretty amazing and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Will people be able to quickly share their content from YouTube or Twitch to Rezli?

Complete integration with these services has not yet been accomplished, but we can share links with YouTube and Twitch. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for members to share their work, whether that work lives on YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo or SoundCloud. We currently have a fairly decent integration set up for sharing videos and audio from these services as well as a few others. We’re always looking to bring support for more platforms onto the site, so give us suggestions. If a user finds their favorite media hosting site isn’t supported by us yet, send us a message at “”, and we can look at adding it.