Brutal, Deadly Souls-Like Immortal Planet Released

Dark Souls is still sending waves through the gaming world even eight years after the original Demon’s Souls.  Souls-like gets thrown at anything with a decent challenge, but Immortal Planet is grabbing that influence and placing it front and center.  Its perspective may be isometric rather than over-the-shoulder, but the fast-paced yet deliberate combat that requires knowledge of enemy attack patterns and careful rationing of the stamina bar is straight out of a Souls game.  The difficulty is actually much harder, though, which makes sense seeing as it seems like it will be a far shorter game.

It’s hard to tell quite how long Immortal Planet is because, while I’ve been poking away at a review copy over the course of the week, I’m still only at the second boss.  That may sound frustrating, and sometimes it is, but the combat is rewarding enough that I keep jumping back in for bite-sized attempts at progress.  Even a few short rounds give enough experience to level up one of the four stats a little, although having the sense to back off a fight and return to the central save-point of each dungeon and spend that experience can be hard.  Death resets experience to zero, and unlike the Souls games you can’t reclaim it, so it’s better to play conservative than charge straight ahead.  Even a minor enemy can do terrible things to the health bar if you fall out of the rhythm of the combat.  It’s incredibly difficult, but a good kind of difficult that rewards persistence with progress that feels well earned.

Immortal Planet released today on Steam.  Give a look at the trailer below and watch it build to an action crescendo.