Do Not Feed the Monkeys Gets Its First Voyeuristic Trailer

At the end of last year, BadLand Games and developers Fictorama Studios announced a new game called Do Not Feed the Monkeys, a simulator where you watch the lives of several people through a series of cameras as part of a special club, and decide whether or not to intervene in different ways (with consequences to follow if you do). The name alone completely sold us on the game, but could the actual gameplay of Do Not Feed the Monkeys live up to the glory of its title? If the first trailer that was recently released is any indication, then odds are on “Yes.”

Set to the always enjoyable sounds of “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” the trailer seen below shows how your curiosity can ramp up to something bigger, as you take notes of certain key words and topics that pop up, and poke around the e-mail accounts and instant messages of the people you watch, culminating in metaphorically feeding the monkeys, which leads to certain things such as creepy armored people showing up at your front door. It definitely seems like a unique spin on the such material, and we’ll see if it truly works out when Do Not Feed the Monkeys arrives on the PC this Autumn.