NA LCS Summer Split Week 8 Day 1 Predictions

It’s the second to last week of the LCS and we had quite a few signings and moves to make things really interesting. Mickey made his way to NA, Selfie has been called up from the NA CS and more. Those two teams are on display today, but here are the standings before we get into that.

1. Immortals

2. Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid

4. Team Dignitas, Team EnVy, Cloud9

7. Team Liquid, Echo Fox, FlyQuest

10. Phoenix1

I guess TL was serious when they said they were trying to field the best roster. The effort has been there. If you’re unaware, this week TL has signed for LCK player for the Afreeca Freecs and ROX Tigers, Youngmin “Mickey” Son. They’ve also brought back in the prodigal son, Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett. Yes, the same Dardoch that won Rookie of the split with them splits ago, and has proceeded to have issues there and everywhere else. He even made some inflammatory comments about TL just last month. So his time back with the team has the potential to be really interesting. Here are the matches for today.

  • Phoenix1 vs Echo Fox (2-1)
  • Team Liquid vs Immortals (0-2)

I’ve placed a lot of faith in P1 since their pseudo-resurgence. It hasn’t really worked out. Since their win in week five against IMT, they’ve dropped every single match. That’s two straight weeks of losses. This week they have a chance to turn that around and get an easier win here. If they pick up a win they’ll at least have some company at the bottom of the table as they join the other teams in the seven spot. EF will replace them at 10 and they can rejoice at not being last for a bit. What they need to do is get back to what got them ahead in the previous weeks. The meta has taken a shift though to more tanky junglers and that’s likely hurting MikeYeung. Maybe they can put him back on Elise or another setup jungler and they can see the wins come back. Lately, he’s had a rough go on Gragas and Lee, but whatever they do it starts with him. He’s not the sole reason why they’re winning, but he’s the newest piece. If he’s able to get Zig and mid lane going they’ll be in good shape. Arrow doesn’t need much attention while in lane. He makes his worth felt in team fights if they can stay safe down there. I think they can pull this off 2-1.

Team Liquid is gearing up for post this split and finding whatever can work for them. They’ve added some big pieces and that likely won’t stop until we see them next split. They’ve got a lot of time to find something that works. Today, however, they have Immortals who sit atop the table. With all the changes their org is having I don’t think they’ll pull out a win today, but you never know. Maybe we see Mickey and Dardoch come in and take the last two weeks by storm. I doubt it though. I think IMT can win this in straight matches.