Many Nendoroid, Scaled, figma Figures Revealed During WonHobby 26

Video game collectibles are getting hotter than ever before and more figures will be on the way in the near future. During WonHobby 26, Good Smile Company showed off plenty of prototype and completed models of various video game characters. There were Nendoroid, figma and scaled items sure to please fans.


Guardian- In the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players have to face off against some pretty tough opponents. One of which are Guardians, a weapon created by the Sheikah tribe to protect Hyrule. However, Calamity Ganon’s power allowed it to gain control of the machines and hunt down Link. The Guardian Nendoroid is only in its prototype phase by looks awfully adorable compared to the stalking behemoths you must fight. There has not been any other available information but perhaps we will receive different leg pieces and beam attacks to attach.

Zero- This character from the Mega Man franchise is based off his appearance in Mega Man X2. In it, he was reassembled by Dr. Cain and is a boss who Mega Man must defeat. The only information we have of Zero becoming a Nendoroid is the promotional artwork. He is clearly depicted in the classic outfit clutching his Z-Saber. This weapon will likely be removable to give him other gear to create battle scenes.

Lana- Pokémon Sun and Moon featured a unique spin on the gym battle structure. Instead of the usual setup, trainers had to test themselves in different trials meaning they must complete a task given by the trial captain. One of whom is Lana, a Water-type trainer. You are tasked with battling a tough Wishiwashi that has been causing a huge mess in Brooklet Hill. Lana is shown in promotional artwork for her Nendoroid. It is probable she will come with a Water-type Pokémon and most likely a fishing rod.


Mizuki (Moon)- Speaking of Pokémon Sun and Moon, there is a figma figure that was revealed. It is modeled after Mizuki, the player character in the game. She is only shown as a prototype at the moment but is posed in a default position with the clothing players start out with at the beginning of their Alolan journey. Based on the image of Mizuki, she also comes with all three starter Pokémon. Rowlet, Popplio and Litten are all detailed and posed to look just like real Pokémon.

Kasumi- Win your rounds against other collectors by displaying the Kasumi figma. She is a classic character from the long-running fighting game series, Dead or Alive. Kasumi was meant to become the head of her clan but chose to hunt down whoever attacked her brother. Since then, she has risked her life to stop wars, gone into hiding and even found time to play volleyball. The figma will allow Kasumi to pose in various fighting stances. It is also shows a sword attached but it is unknown if it can be held.


Marie Rose- Another fighter from Dead or Alive will arrive however as a scaled figure. Marie Rose made her series debut back in 2013 but this particular item is modeled after her appearance in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round which was released in 2015. She is Helena’s maid with a sweet demeanor that hides mysterious secrets. It is one of her more iconic outfits and crafted beautifully to match. These are practically miniature statues and will certainly be the holy grail for Marie Rose fans to include in their Dead or Alive collection.

Super Sonico- While not necessarily a video game character per se, Super Sonico has appeared in various titles and happens to be mascot for Nitroplus. They are a developer of visual novel games in Japan which Sonico has starred in. She has even had titles released on the 3DS and made playable appearances and cameos in other games. Sonico receives two scaled statues both in different poses and styles. One is for Good Smile Racing while the other is a limited version. You can see them in their prototype phases below.

Well, there may be more news on the way from WonHobby and Good Smile Company but this should keep fans held over until then. We will be sure to update you with important information when available. Make room on your shelves for all of these announced collectibles and more! See everything that was announced at the event right here!