NA LCS Summer Split Week 8 Day 2 Predictions

With the return of the prodigal son, TL still lose but manage to get out of last place. Their main goal for the rest of the split is to escape relegation and they have three matches to accomplish that. With that in mind here are the standings going into day two.

1. Immortals
2. Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid
4. Team Dignitas, Team EnVy, cloud9
7. Echo Fox
8. Team Liquid, FlyQuest’
10. Phoenix1

P1 subbed back in Ryu yesterday and that didn’t work out for them particularly well. They lost to EF in two straight. While TL lost as well they brought Dardoch back into the lineup and had a very good showing against IMT. If not for a baron fail after a won fight they likely would have won game one. Here are the matches for today.

  • FlyQuest vs Team SoloMid (1-2)
  • Team EnVy vs Counter Logic Gaming (2-1)
  • Team Dignitas vs Immortals (2-1)
  • Team Liquid vs Cloud9(1-2)

I think we all think that TSM shouldn’t have any issues with FlyQuest, but they definitely could. Lately, TSM has a tendency to just not play their highest level and they pay for that. It usually only takes one loss and then they get themselves in gear, but Fly could give them some issues. I’m expecting them to win it, but to likely drop one game.

I’m going for the upset here. CLG will be starting OmarGod in the Jungle today, but that’s not why I don’t believe. It’s not the main reason anyway. Before I was thinking that CLG could pull it off, but I’m going with my gut. Why? I’m a big fan of LirA and I think this is a huge opportunity for them to take down the number two team. It likely won’t happen, but I’m rooting for it.

This upset on, though, has a good chance of happening. DIG has been playing really well since they had time off due to Rift Rivals. Since then their other lanes have gotten much better and the bot lane has been carrying hard. In their upsets since then, Altec got his hands on Kalist and destroyed teams. He’s sporting a 4-1 record and 7 KDA ratio. If he doesn’t get her his fallback has been Tristana who he’s been equally as impressive on. DIG is a strong team and after IMT’s lackluster showing last night I’m betting on DIG.

Cloud9 should win today, but TL looked good yesterday. Like I said earlier, if not for that Baron fail they could have taken a game off of the number one team and then who knows what happens. There’s also the looming factor of Mickey. I don’t think he’s going to come in and solve all of their problems, but he is good and will throw and wrench in team’s preparations. He could not even be in America yet, so he’s likely a non-factor. Even without him, Goldenglue has been doing his part in helping Piglet. He’s not feeding and has been playing immensely better than last split. I hope he keeps it up and can stay on that roster. Regardless, I’m thinking C9 drop one but take home the win.