NA LCS Summer Split Week 8 Day 3 Predictions

Well, I managed to get one of the two upsets right yesterday. That, in turn, should result in us having another three-way tie in first place again. IMT have played all their matches for the week and all TSM and CLG have to do is win against some lighter competition to get back up there. Here’s the bracket going into the final day of LCS.

1. Immortals

2. Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid

4. Team Dignitas, Cloud9

6. Team EnVy

7. Echo Fox

8. Team Liquid, FlyQuest

10. Phoenix1

I don’t include the records, but right now IMT is sitting at 12-4 with TSM and CLG at 11-4. Right now the only team that could break into the playoffs that isn’t already in is EF and that’s if EnVy loses every match from here on out. While that’s a very real prospect EF would need to win every match and that’s unlikely to happen. If it is to happen, then it starts tomorrow with DIG. Here are all the matches taking place.

  • Cloud9 vs FlyQuest (2-0)
  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Phoenix1(2-0)
  • Team SoloMid vs Team EnVy(2-1)
  • Echo Fox vs Team Dignitas (0-2)

Today a battle between the old C9 and the new C9 takes place, but it won’t be like it was last split. FlyQuest is sitting at the bottom of the bracket and just haven’t looked good all split. They manage to jump out to decent leads in matches, but ironically the thing that they used to do best is what they struggled with the most. Late game seems to be an issue for the and against C9 that’ll won’t work. This whole split if C9 is in trouble late and the game is close Jensen can come and save the day. He did it today against TL. I think C9 can win this in two straight.

The era of OmarGod started with a 2-0 and now he gets to go against P1. With the jungler switch, CLG is showing no signs of slowing down contrary to what I thought was going to happen. Omar has been a member of CLG for a while, but I didn’t know if he scrimmed with the guys all the time before now. Even if he didn’t it doesn’t seem to matter as they took care of business against EnVy and should be able to do so against P1. I think they’ll be able to 2-0 on their way to getting back in the top spot.

TSM also has a chance to return to number one if they can beat EnVy. TSM took down FlyQuest pretty easily yesterday and I think they can keep that streak alive. This match is the only thing keeping them from going into the final week tied for first and en route to another split title. Taking place alongside them will be EF and DIG. DIG looked good against IMT yesterday with Ssumday going off in the last game. Helping him lead his team was Altec and Adrian as per usual this half of the split. Of the twelve kills in their first game Top and the bot lane accounted for 11 of them. The last game was just domination by Ssumday on a fed Kled. This is where the possibility of EF getting into the six spot ends. Even if they can pull off the upset, they’ll have to somehow do that two more times against IMT and C9. I think they get shut out today to just end it early.