Screenshot Saturday Featuring Voxatron, Pixel Princess Blitz, Many More

It is Saturday, therefore there are screenshots.  It wouldn’t be much of a Screenshot Saturday without them.  Every week sees more new creations shown off to the world as development slowly hacks them into shape.  This feature pulls a dozen images plus a bonus from the pile, unless things get out of hand and the list grows to a ridiculous size as can happen now and then.  Most “screenshots” are animated nowadays in the far-flung future of 2017, so don’t miss out by not letting them get to move.

Unnamed- No game, just a cool little cyberpunk diorama coming to life from boring white boxes to a seedy little city block with a convenient subway stop and terrible parking capacity. In the cyberpunk future everyone squishes together on trains, making trips to the strip club a bit awkward.

Dr. Spacezoo- It’s nice to have tons of firepower at your disposal, dodging the bullet-choked attacks of your enemies while throwing it back with an equal intensity. Just try to remember that your firepower doesn’t discriminate and will happily tear through crazed robo-defenses in addition to the weird space-critters you’re trying to rescue.

Semblance- Just a slime taking a break from deforming its squishy world to take in the scenery. Six (with hints of a seventh) layers of depth covered in strange trees and plants brings the hazy, humid jungle to life.

Morph Girl- Everything makes a comeback eventually, including FMV. Taking its cues from Japanese horror, Morph Girl is the story of a recent widow who’s life somehow gets even worse when her home becomes haunted by a spirit playing on her memories.

Upperz- Jump, dash, and get flung as high as possible through a tower that’s slowly getting consumed by lava. Everything shatters when you jump from it, fracturing from the point of impact and destroying the platform you used, although you can jump from its falling wreckage if necessary. Or get buried by it if things go wrong.

Aperion Cyberstorm- Fly through caverns laying waste to all in your path, and if you bring a few friends along the opposition gets bigger and meaner to make up the difference.

Unnamed- Run & gun with a little bit of sword for when you want to give your trigger finger a rest. Turns out a headless robot taking a revenge shot really isn’t in the best condition to not make matters worse for itself.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark- The agents of the immortals enforcing peace over all the lands are having a problem with corruption within their ranks, and the only way to root it out is with a world-spanning strategy-RPG. This skeletal ball-bug is a mortar, which is probably why he burps fire.

Epitasis- Atmospheric exploration/puzzle game where you wander around the ruins of a sci-fi world putting things back together again to learn its history. Wander the world in your own time and take in the sights, because it’s not like a dead alien civilization is any particular hurry.

Tracks- Build a toy train line out of wooden blocks. It sounds simple but is quite possibly one of the best toys ever. Its little wooden passengers have yet to learn to respect the laws of physics, charging forward like an unruly pack of gravity-anarchists.

Fatal Velocity- High-speed phyics-based multiplayer combat. Use momentum to drive the force of your attack to send enemies flying, or harness the extra speed to fling grenades across the arena while doing your best Spider-Man impression.

Nanioheian- Not a lot of info on this aside from it being a dark Metroidvania, but it’s got a striking art style. The player won’t be in silhouette all the time; it’s just due to the lighting coming off the wired-up statue dominating the scene.

Down Ward- Gable the owl is trying to reignite the towers in a platformer originally designed for a Gameboy-themed jam.  The original green-screen Gameboy would have a nervous breakdown trying to look anything like that nice, even taking screen resolution into account.

Manifold Garden-  Just a level unshattering itself into existence while streaming away to infinity in six directions.  Every level is its own self-contained universe, connected to other tiny universes because physics and the logical progression of 3D space took one look at the game and ran home to sulk.

Solar Warden-  Combination spaceflight-sim and RTS, where you’re both a crack pilot of the Planetary Defense Initiative and also the commander of its forces.  Fail a mission and the Earth gets smacked with asteroids launched by the alien threat, and the country it hits will take the damages out of your funding.  A well-funded PDI has the best toys to pilot and command, so enjoy the sightseeing the amazing views of Earth but don’t let it get too distracting.

Voxatron-  It’s been almost six years since Voxatron’s original release and it’s still going strong, getting updates that add new features to its toybox and allowing users to build bigger and fancier games.  While it does come with a couple of games built-in, Voxatron is more a virtual console than a single focused experience, much like Lexaloffle’s other major offering, the Pico 8.

Pixel Princess Blitz-  Super-cute action/RPG with strong ambition to be more than a hack & slash, but instead offer a sandbox world that reacts dynamically to your choices.  Or you can run around beating up adorable mouse-knights.  Either is good.

Cloudbase Prime-  The robots on a gas-mining station have gone a little weird, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed either by shooting them or manipulating the hexagonal terrain to send ’em flying.  It’s been in Early Access for a while now but is finally done, feature-complete and ready for action.

Bonus Image

Satire X-  This entire week in a single handy animation.