Hear the Roar — RPG Lionheart Out Now

Fruitbat Factory is pleased to announce that their new fantasy RPG Lionheart is now available on Steam. Lionheart boasts 50-100 hours of gameplay, beautiful visuals, ten playable characters and over 100 different monster types. The story follows the youthful adventurer Leon Lionheart as he seeks to uncover the mysteries of the Magic Labyrinth, “Libra Corridor.” During his exploration the Justicar Maria Sinkirk finds Leon while on an investigation of the corridor, and, noticing the unusual “skill” he possesses, somewhat forcibly enlists his cooperation, while the two are joined by former mercenary Orsin and the nun Emma. Lionheart is currently going for $19.99 but is available for a 25 percent discount during the first week. More detailed information can be found in our review.