ALL Controller Kickstarter Campaign Begins

The ALL Controller has been in the works for quite some time, with Youtube videos showcasing its potential for quite some time. Today, the device’s Kickstarter officially launched, with more information being revealed about it. The idea behind the controller, as the name implies, is to be able to have as universal a controller as possible for modern-day devices. This controller is set to work with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android devices, iOS devices, and planned support in the future for the Wii, Wii U, and Switch.

It will use a hybrid Sony and Microsoft style, with twin sticks that are akin to the Dual Shock’s symmetrical sticks. It will also work with Windows, Mac, and Linux – with keyboard and mouse controls built into it as well. There is a screen built-in that allows you to adjust every part of the controller. If you want to remap the button functions, you can, or use set up macros to make things like giant combos a breeze with a single button press. A dongle will be used to connect it to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4.

They are aiming for a $60,002 goal…which is a tad random. A wired controller is fairly inexpensive, with the early bird cost at around $44 – it will be $52 later. A wireless version can be yours for around $56, which is an outstanding value overall, while the normal price will be $64. There will be 11 USB drivers and 7 Bluetooth drivers built into it to make it as versatile as possible, and are claiming it will be able to work with any Android game. The device is set to ship in May of 2018 if the funding goal is reached, and they’re aiming for not only making things universal, but also easy to use with a variety of devices.

The additional paddles on the back also give you more versatility, and for the money, this looks like an outstanding value if you have a household full of devices. As someone with every console out there, a variety of Android devices, and several PCs, this would be a great way to enjoy more controller support for games on both Android and PC that don’t natively support it. It would allow me to get more use out of my game library, and for the current wireless early bird price, it works out to being a fairly small dollar amount per-device. We’ll be keeping an eye on the ALL Controller as time goes on – it’s interesting technology and something that could be a must-buy for someone on a tight budget.