August’s Humble Monthly Bundle Has Pillars of Eternity, Overcooked, More

As we enter the final month of Summer (alright, Summer ends on September 21 if you want to be more technical, but still), it’s time once again to virtually unbox the latest Humble Monthly bundle and see what they have for us this time around. We aren’t exactly in a Summer lull thanks to Hellblade, Sonic Mania, Agents of Mayhem, Uncharted and more on the way, but can Humble still deliver some good stuff to keep us busy as we continue to roast indoors? let’s take a look…

As announced last month, we begin with Obsidian’s vast, award-winning fantasy RPG Pillars of Eternity, which you should be able to complete in time for next year’s sequel. Then we have NBA 2K17, in a rare instance where a non-racing sports game shows up in one of these packages. But speaking of enjoyable titles to play with friends, we also get the co-op chef party game Overcooked (and we emphasize that you should bring friends along for this one), and the second game based on the popular pirate manga/anime that Humble Monthly has offered up this year, One Piece: Burning Blood.

After all that, we then dive into a pair of RTS games, with Offworld Trading Company taking us in a sci-fi direction as we conquer the competitive market in a Mars colony, while War for the Overworld takes us in an opposite fantasy direction as you end up managing your own dungeon. The adorable hand-drawn platformer Wuppo also appears to provide an opportunity for exploration, and finally, while the Humble Debut still remains MIA, we do still get one of 2017’s more relatively recent potential sleepers included in the form of the nihilistic action-platformer Nongünz. Rounding things out are the fourth issue of Kevin Eastman’s Underwhere and the Humble Original this month, Quiet City.

Overall, another solid batch of games that should keep you occupied during these final moments of Summer. But what will you be going back to school with next time? How about Killing Floor 2, the first revealed game of next month’s bundle that you can play ASAP by joining up or paying early, as usual? Sound good? As for what other games will be accompanying it, come back in four weeks to find out! See you then!