NA LCS Summer Split Week 9 Day 1 Predictions

The final week of the Summer Split is here and there’s still a lot that can happen positioning wise. Let’s take a look at the bracket.

1. Immortals, Team SoloMid

3. Counter Logic Gaming

4. Team Dignitas, Cloud9

6. Team EnVy

7. Echo Fox

8. Team Liquid, FlyQuest, Phoenix1

The difference between spots 1-4 is two matches. That means that if IMT and TSM somehow drop both matches and a team in 4 wins both they are now tied for first. I believe at that point the difference would be head to head record and if they split it would go to game score. I’m not positive about that, but it sounds like a logical way of solving ties. Now, here are the matches for today.

  • Team EnVy vs Immortals (1-2)
  • Team Dignitas vs Counter Logic Gaming (2-1)

Each team playing today is playoff bound and there aren’t any other teams that can swoop into the top six to take their spot. So it’ll be interesting to see how things play out for them. What they decide to show or not. For Team EnVy, nothing can really be gained by winning both games positioning-wise. They could possibly find a slot in the number four slot or just stay six. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to be the number one seed in IMT, but it depends on what they want to show. IMT had a rough last week but should be able to bounce back. This week they need to put it all together and show that they’re playoff ready. If they lose both matches they’re out of the number one spot.

For DIG this game is huge. CLG is number 3 and right above them in the standings. With a win they swap positions. CLG had a rough go in their second game post-Dardoch. They looked good sweeping Team EnVy but then lost to Phoenix1 who’s currently in last place. With some of their picks maybe they were just trying to figure some things out before playoffs, but losing in the process is not what they wanted. I don’t think they’ll pull it out today and we should see some good brackets position swaps.